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Bazooka Free AntiSpyware and Malware Scanner Review

9. December 2010
Bazooka Main Screen

   Bazooka Antispyware is a venerable security program.  The program has been around since 2005 and has had millions of downloads.  The program has also been recommended by numerous publications.  Bazooka offers a fairly extensive database of over 600 of viruses, Trojans, and spyware.  The program also includes an extensive virus encyclopedia offered by the program publisher.

    The installation of Bazooka took only a few seconds as the download was approximately 728 kilobytes in size.  One downside is that once the installation is complete, the user isn’t alerted to whether it was a success or not.  Users will need to navigate to the program menu to launch the program.  Once started, the program performs an initial update.  The update took approximately 5 seconds and added a couple hundred definitions.

    The best thing about Bazooka is its scanning speed.  The scan literally takes less than 2 seconds to complete.  It does this presumably by doing a scan based upon virus traces rather than matching files with a specific definition (how most free antivirus operate).  The disadvantage to trace base scanning is if the virus or spyware hides itself in numerous locations; not just predefined ones.  However, the advantage is extremely fast scanning (exactly what Bazooka exhibits).

detected items

    Bazooka detected SystemDir.explorer and SystemDir.regedit on the test system.  Upon further investigation, these files are false positives associated with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.  These versions place the explorer.exe and regedit.exe inside the system root by default where as Windows XP didn't and malware would.

    Bazooka is very light on resource usage.  While the program is running it uses approximately 5 megabytes of RAM.  During the time that Bazooka is actively scanning, it uses 5 percent CPU power.  All of these metrics are way below the average free antivirus.

    As far as extra features, there aren’t many.  One can update or generate a log file.  The biggest disadvantage to Bazooka is that it hasn’t been updated in over 2 years.  This makes it not exactly the best method to protect against the latest threats.  I hope the publisher can update soon as the program is already quite solid.